Homeopathy was invented by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. It is based on the principle, already know to Hippocrates, that "like cures like." The genius of Hahnemann was to discover that a substance producing a particular pattern of symptoms in a healthy individual would cure an illnes producing the same pattern of symptoms.


Dr. Hahnemann actually took a miniscule dose of the substance he wanted to understand the effects of, and fed it to healthy individuals. They would chronicle every effect and symptom derived from the “Proving” process which became the basis for our Materia Medicas. There has never been a recall on a homeopathic remedy for causing harm to a patient. They are prepared by Homeopathic Pharmaceutical Pharmacies under strict standards. We know that the effects caused by the crude dose in a healthy individual will actually cure the disease in a patient who suffers from the same symptom picture. There are between three and four thousand remedies available.

Healing Reaction

A homeopathic healing reaction is usually experienced by the patient, on average, 12-15 days after taking the remedy. It is the body acting to restore balance after the remedy has expelled the blockage or trauma in question. In contrast, the initial action of the remedy can be likened to the moment a rock is released from a sling shot. The healing reaction is more like the reverberating rubber band on its way back to rest or balance - and the patient may experience as a discharge or temporary destabilization (such as runny nose, headache, more frequent urination, nausea, etc.) On occasion, the healing reaction itself may require an additional homeopathic remedy to mitigate a lengthy or intense reaction - contact your practitioner if you are experiencing a reaction that is not resolving on its own.