The founder of Heilkunst stated, "The physician's highest and only calling is to make the sick healthy, to cure, as it is called." To do so, there must be a system of treatment that is based on "clearly realizable principles."

The system of medicine called "Heilkunst" provides us with just such a system.


While a Doctor of Medical Heilkunst will use homeopathic medicines to address the root of disease, the remedies will also be used simultaneously to annihilate the negative effects of drugs, balance your Constitution, in addition to also treating present symptoms.

Prior to the initial consultation you will be asked to fill out a form describing the emotional and physical traumas incurred throughout  your lifetime. This exercise provides us with your personal "sequential timeline" which will be addressed in an individual manner at each subsequent appointment. For example we would treat the car accident you had in March, of 2001,  antibiotic use for bronchitis in November of 2000 and the death of your beloved  grandfather in May of 2000. As we address the roots of these events, the symptoms effectively lose their anchors.

The next juncture is often the patient’s vaccinations. Although based on the Law of Similars in preventing childhood diseases, they contain many toxins, such as formaldehyde and Thimersol, which will leave a cellular residue for up to 60 years. The patient’s birth trauma is next and then we address the Chronic Miasms which are your genetic inherited diseases.

Most of us will carry at least 1-2 of these heavily laden, black bags throughout our lives. Your grandfather’s Tuberculosis can show up in you as chronic Bronchitis, your great grandmother’s Rheumatism can be the anchor for your Allergies, and your Uncle Bob’s diabetes can show up as Cancer down his family line.

If there is Psora in your family history it may manifest itself as any of the following:  Abscess. Acne. Allergy. Anxiety. Aphthae. Asthma. Boil. Bronchitis. Colds. Connective Tissue disease. Depression. Dermatitis. Eczema. Headache. Insomnia. Otitis media. Pharyngitis. Phobic disorders. Psoriasis. Scabies. Sciatica. Skin ulcers. Upper respiratory infection. (among other conditions)  

If there is a history of Tuberculosis in your past family history it may manifest itself as : Adenoopathy. Alcoholism. Allergy. Alopecia. Amenorrhea. Arthritis. Asthma. Astigmatism. Autism. Behavior disorder. Bronchitis. Bruxism. Colds. Compulsive disorder. Connective Tissue disease. Croup. Enuresis. Flushes. Headache. Hodgkin's disease. Hyperactivity. Lymphoma. Malignancy. Meningitis. Menopause. Mental retardation. Osteomyelitis. Pneumonia. Respiratory infection. Rheumatoid arthritis. Scoliosis. Sexual disorders. Systemic or discoid lupus. Tinea. Upper respiratory infection. (among other conditions) 

As we remove these genetically inherited diseases many other diseases, that are actually symptoms of the deeper root cause, either lessen, or in many cases disappear.   I like to compare it to a sick plant.  If the plant is suffering from a fungal disease and yet we treat only the symptoms showing on the leaves, we will continue to treat symptoms forever.  They may change from time to time but the plant remains sick.  On the other hand if we address the problem at the root level, removing the fungus and making sure the plant is in good soil, the entire plant is capable of healing itself.  As with humans, once the root cause is removed the possibilities are limitless.